A full year consists of 34 classes, running from early September (classes start the week of September 9th, 2019) to mid-May. The 34 teacher-led classes are comprised of 32 in-studio classes and one dress rehearsal and the year end recital. All in-studio classes are 1 hour in length with the exception of Pre School Ballet  (30 minutes), Pointe (30 minutes) and Beginner Ballet (45 minutes).   All classes are held in a bright, mirrored & barred dance studio on a beautiful sprung dance floor.

Ballet  Current classes offered are Pre School Ballet (ages 3 - 4), Beginner Ballet (ages 5 - 6), Junior Ballet (ages 7 - 9) and Senior Ballet (ages 12+).  We also offer Pointe classes to those students who are ready for the same.  

Acro  Acro is a dance form that includes acrobatic movements.  The students learn these acro movements on mats during a portion of their class.  We offer an all inclusive Acro class for children ages 8+.  Our dance mistress Miss Brooke is extremely skilled at working with students individually at varying skill levels.



Contemporary/Lyrical  This is a modern dance form which fuses modern dance, jazz, and ballet. This form is often referred to as lyrical dance.  We currently offer Senior Lyrical Contemporary (ages 12+).  We strongly suggest complimenting this class with the Advanced Ballet class.

Musical Theatre 
This class taught by vocal coach Ms. Kelly Coubrough will be offered this year for ages 7 to 15.  Students enrolled in this class will focus primarily on acting and voice.  The Musical Theatre class will be part of a larger Revue at the end of the year.

The Arts Council for the South Shuswap is Home to Dance

Things to Note....

We use age as a gauge only; if students are more than ready for a level above despite their age, they will be moved to a class where they are challenged but not overwhelmed by the syllabus.

Performing in front of an appreciative audience is key in building a student’s confidence.  We will present The Nutcracker on December 15th and the year-end recital will be held on the weekend PRIOR TO the May Long weekend.  

Miss Brooke would like to take students to Competition this year.  This is a new and exciting offering at FACES.  If your child would like to enter a competition as a soloist, or part of a duo or trio please talk to us about arrange Private Lessons with Miss Brooke.  Rates for Private Lessons are $30 per hour for Solo ($20 per half hour solo), $48 per hour for Duets (shared between two students) and $54 per hour for Trios (shared between three students.)