A full year consists of approximately 30 classes, beginning the week of September 13th and finishing the week of May 9th, 2022. Pre School Ballet classes are 30 minutes, Beginner classes are 45 minutes, and Junior to Intermediate classes are 55 minutes in length. All classes are held in a bright, mirrored & barred dance studio on a beautiful sprung dance floor, for dancer's safety.

Ballet  Ballet is a beautiful and structured form of dance that promotes excellent posture and provides a strong technical foundation for all forms of dance. Though no formal exams are taken at FACES, students will learn parts of the RAD Syllabi. Current classes offered are Pre School Ballet (3 - 4), Beginner Ballet (5 - 6), Junior Ballet (7 - 9), and Intermediate Ballet (10 - 11.)

Acro Acro is an expressive form of dance that combines technical dance elements and choreography with gymnastics and acrobatics. This high energy form of dance requires creativity and a level of athleticism. At FACES we offer Junior Acro to students ages 7 through 9.

​​Contemporary/Lyrical  Contemporary is a relatively new form of dance that has exploded in popularity over the last 20 years. It is very expressive, the dancer’s facial expressions are equally as important as the quality of their movement. Contemporary combines ballet, lyrical, jazz, and modern in a free and fluid dance form less structured than ballet. It uses many components of ballet, such as turns and leaps, but also incorporates a great deal of floor work. We offer Junior Contemporary (7 - 9) and Intermediate Contemporary (10-11.)

Hip Hop Hip Hop is a fast paced fusion genre of dance that combines isloations, popping and locking, breaking, and jazz, and other freestyle movements. Hip Hop encourages dancers to incorporate their own style and attitude into the choreography, and have fun to up beat pop or hip hop music. FACES offers Beginner Hip Hop (5 - 6) and Junior Hip Hop (7 - 9.)

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Things to Note....

We use age as a gauge only; if students are more than ready for a level above despite their age, they will be moved to a class where they are challenged but not overwhelmed by the syllabus.

Performing in front of an appreciative audience is key in building a student’s confidence.  FACES dance students have the opportunity of performing at the year end recital every year.

FACES is pleased to offer students the opportunity to move into the world of competitive dance. If your child would like to enter a competition as a soloist, or part of a duo or trio please talk to us about Private Lessons.  Rates for Private Lessons are $40 per hour for Solo ($20 per half hour solo), $48 per hour for Duets (shared between two students) and $54 per hour for Trios (shared between three students.)