ROSE COLLIN                                    ROBYN CYR                                 KAREN BROWN                                                                      

 Director                                              Director                                     Administrator                                                                  

Aside from her directorship                 Robyn assists with policy                 As Administrator, Karen seeks                           

role, Rose joins Debbie in               creation and in marketing the                and writes grants to support                        

bringing the Artisan Market            the Arts Council and its many               all of the ACSS programs and              

to the community & supporting         initiatives to the public.                       acts as the first point of contact      

local artists & artisans.                           .                                                       for the Arts Council.         



The Arts Council for the South Shuswap is fortunate to have a dedicated and hard-working Board of Directors.  Stepping forward to take the duties as a Director for the Arts Council is a testament to the high level of commitment and passion for the arts exhibited by the following people ...

         RHYS LAUG                                 RYAN KURZ                                DEBBIE REEVES                        SAM BOUTET                        SHERA NIEWENHUIZEN

 President / Director                         Vice-President / Director           Treasurer / Director                    Director                                      Director

Aside from his directorship                Ryan, together with Sam,                 Debbie, together with Rose,             Aside from her directorship             Shera's role on the Board is to, Rhys acts as the liaison                     oversees FACES - the general          is instrumental in bringing              role, Sam acts as one of two              oversee events such as  Music

to oversee the South                        programming offered through           the artisan collective and            liaisons to oversee the FACES              in the Bay, a weekly free live

Shuswap Children's Theatre              the Arts Council in art, dance,          other initiatives that support           programming offering dance,           music concert series presented 

group.                                                 music and theatre.                           local artists and artisans.              art, music and theatre.                       to the community each summer.