Please read over our Policies. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the same, please do not hesitate to contact the Arts Council office at 250.515.3276. It is required everyone parent or guardian registering their child for lessons review the FACES Studio Policies prior to registration.

All students are expected to treat their fellow students, teachers and studio staff with respect. Students behaving in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave his/her class. If repeated offences occur, permanent expulsion may occur resulting in the loss of fees paid. It is very important for the safety of the student and for the care and maintenance of the studios, that students DO NOT ENTER the dance, music or art studios unless the teacher is present.  

Students are fully registered when all the payment requirements and fees have been completed. Only fully registered students may participate in classes.

Withdrawal from sessions 12 weeks long or longer will only be accepted within the first two weeks of each term,  and will result in a $20 withdrawal charge. No refunds or credits will be given after this point. Withdrawal from a prepaid workshop will result in full refund of monies as long as the Arts Council receives confirmation of your intention to withdraw at least 48 hours prior to the workshop.

If your child is going to miss a class, we request that you let call us at (250) 515-3276 or email the Arts Council so that the teacher can be made aware of your child’s absence. Some of our teachers travel from a great distance to teach. As our studio is young, some of our classes are smaller in size. We don’t want the teachers travelling, especially in inclement weather, to arrive to an empty studio.     

Students are expected to attend their classes on a regular basis and that they are prompt for their classes. Especially in a group class, it is very important to stress to your child that he or she is responsible to the  rest of his or her class to attend regularly and to 'do their part' when it comes to group choreography.  Having your child enrolled as part of a group experience is a wonderful learning opportunity for a parent to a child ~ regular and prompt attendance and being ready for class are strong life lessons and the values of perseverance, commitment and accountability can be taught under this environment. If a student has to miss a class, please inform the studio at least 24 hours prior to class.  

Please note that if your child is taking private lessons, unless you have previously discussed a planned absence with the Studio Administrator at an earlier date, any missed private class will still be charged and paid for by the student as it is nearly impossible to fill the absence with another private in the same time slot. In keeping with our studios' policies, private music teachers will allow up to three (3) planned absences throughout the year. Unless a full week (7 days) notice is given to the studio or to the teacher, the class will still be charged to the student or family. The reason for this is that absences very much affect the teachers' wages and a reserved spot  for you or your child cannot be made available to other people wanting lessons and therefore the potential for teaching income to the teacher is lost. Unless previously arranged with the teacher, more than three (3) planned absences in the year could result in the student losing his or her time slot.

Dance classes are designed to begin with a warm-up and then graduate to more difficult work. Missing the warm-up could result in injury. Students arriving late to class may be asked to sit out.

Students who miss more than three (3) dance classes  per term  without having first spoken with the class teacher about their absence, risk being removed from the choreography or production.

Every effort is made to hold all classes at their regularly scheduled time. On the rare occasion when a class must be cancelled due to an unforeseen event, a make up class will be held. Teachers will inform students and parents of any cancellations and make up classes.

Parents are asked to check the Arts Council Facebook Page (Arts Council for the South Shuswap) to see if classes will be cancelled due to inclement weather or otherwise. There are no regular classes held on statutory holidays however classes do remain in session on Pro D days.  

Parents are invited to observe their child’s art, dance and theatre classes periodically.  Please check the foyer bulletin board, your  Arts Council Newsletter or our Facebook Page (Arts Council for the South Shuswap) to check on viewing dates. Parents are welcome to watch all preschool classes; we leave this up to parents however as some children seem to respond better to the teacher if parents are not in the room while others feel more comfortable and thrive when their parents are present.

All important information will be posted on the foyer bulletin board and on our Facebook Page (Arts Council for the South Shuswap). It is the parents’ responsibility to check the studio or the website for updates and important notices.

Parents are always encouraged to speak with their teacher first if there is a problem or concern with their child’s class.  This should be done outside of class time so as not to distract from the teaching or delay the start of a class. If you cannot reach a solution in dealing with the problem through the child's teacher, you are then encouraged to contact the studio. 

If you have any concerns regarding the general running of the studio, please contact the Arts Council Administrator via email:  

Belongings are left in the waiting areas at the student’s risk. Please put outdoor shoes on the mats provided. There are plenty of  coat hooks for students to hang their jackets. Please label all dance-wear and shoes and other items. Leave valuables such as jewellery and electronic devices at home.

Periodically we will have student work on display in our studio hallways and in the foyer area. We ask that these works of art be respected…they are to be admired and not touched, thank you.

The use of cell phones is not permitted in the dance, art or music studios. They are permitted in the general waiting area as long as the discussion is kept to a minimum and quieter in tone. If you are wanting to use your cell phone for a more lengthy conversation, please make or take the call outside. 

There is no food or chewing gum allowed in the studios. We ask that you help to keep our studio looking beautiful by always using the garbage and recycling receptacles provided. When in the dance studios, we ask that students refrain from hanging off the bars and that they make every attempt to keep the mirrors clean.

Students, siblings and other family members are reminded that the studio is not a playground. We pride ourselves in offering this one-of-a-kind facility in our area. It has been built and programming planned for the enjoyment of all. The Arts Council facility, its teachers and other students and families are to be respected at all times.  

Arts Council for the South Shuswap FACES Studio Policies